Drumboy & Synthgirl – Sneak Preview

Randomwaves shared this sneak preview of Drumboy and Synthgirl, a pair of upcoming handheld electronic music devices.

Drumboy and Synthgirl are designed to be intuitive and fun, and to make music creation accessible to everyone.


  • ARM Cortex-M7 Chip – Powerful processor for smooth and responsive music creation
  • 24-bit audio
  • 5.0″ LCD TFT Screen
  • SD Card Input – Load and store your own samples and sounds with the SD card input
  • Open Source Code – Designed with the maker community in mind, Drumboy & Synthgirl are entirely open-source, built on the popular STM32 platform, which let users can hack & customize the firmware.
  • Drumboy & Synthgirl “seamlessly sync” with each other and even third-party instruments, unlocking a world of collaborative music creation.

Drumboy offers 10 Instrument Layers, Parametric EQ, 2 Effect Channels, Reverb & more.

Synthgirl is a powerful wavetable synthesizer. With 2 versatile oscillators, you can create “unique and evolving” textures.It offers 4 LFOs, 2 Effect Channels, a Reverb Engine and more.

Production of Drumboy and Synthgirl is going to be funded via a Kickstarter project, which they say is launching soon. They will be available to project backers for $149.


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