Dreadbox Nymphes v2 Update adds MPE support and More



Dreadbox has released version 2 of the firmware for the Nymphes synthesizer.


The update includes MPE support, polyphonic aftertouch, new MIDI features and many more.



New in Nymphes version 2:


New features:

  • MPE support
  • Polyphonic aftertouch support
  • Polyphonic assignable targets
  • Preset import/export support
  • Factory presets can now be replaced
  • MIDI Channel Learn
  • Scaled Mode for slider control



  • SHIFT button behaviour changed
  • CC transmit on Preset Load
  • CC list reworked
  • All Notes Off and All Sounds Off CCs added
  • Reverb control added to Modulation matrix through CC
  • Modulation target: Mod Wheel on PW changed
  • Shortcut for Global settings reset


Bug fixes:

  • VCA envelopes scratching envelopes fixed
  • Voice Mode changing hanging notes



Find out more on Dreadbox website.



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