Dreadbox Intros DYSPHONIA Eurorack & Desktop Synthesizer DIY Kit



Dreadbox drops Dysphonia, a full synthesizer voice with open architecture, a single-run desktop and Eurorack synth that you can build it yourself and promises to take you to “patching heaven”


Available via an early-bird sale, only a single run of kits will be available, so the company encourages you to “buy now or cry later”.


The analogue oscillator offers a choice of four waves, and you get three VCAs. There’s an analogue LFO, low-pass and multimode filters and the hybrid echo that you will find on the Erebus synthesizer.


All of Dysphonia’s components are included in the box, and it’s said to be an ideal project for inexperienced DIYers.





  • Full Voice Modular Synthesizer with Open Architecture
  • Powerful Sound Designing machine
  • It can be used as a Desktop or a Eurorack synthesizer
  • It comes along with a dedicated USB to Eurorack power converter
  • It is consisted of 13 individual sections
  • Ideal for inexperienced DIYers
  • Analog Oscillator with 4 waves
  • 3x Analog VCA
  • Passive Signal Multiplier
  • CV and Audio 3-to-1 Mixer
  • High precision MIDI to CV/ Gate converter
  • 1ms/stage Snappy AD Envelope
  • Wide range Analog LFO
  • 24dB 4-pole Analog Self-Oscillating Low Pass Filter
  • 12dB 2-pole Analog Multi mode Filter
  • Hybrid Echo (as found on the Erebus synthesizer)
  • Sophisticated digital Modulator with 4 different modes:
  • LFO – Wide range, 4 waveforms and delay function
  • RANDOM – Classic Sample & Hold or Key triggered with lag Filter
  • ENVELOPE – Snappy 1ms/stage, Attack – Decay or Attack – Release
  • CC – Modulation Wheel, Velocity, Aftertouch, Unipolar or Bipolar


Find out more and order your kit on the Dreadbox website.


The Dysphonia is available for pre-order for €185 plus VAT (regular price €230).






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