Donner’s first B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer

Chinese company Donner,  dishes up their first B1 analog synthesizer. The affordable analog bass synthesizer promises 303-style specs and a “beginner-friendly” interface

Already known for its guitar and piano products, budget brand Donner is now getting into the synth market. The new B1 is set to operate at the lower end of both the price and frequency spectrum, being an affordable single-oscillator analogue bass synth in the vein of the Roland TB-303.

The B1 comes with a built-in sequencer, and can also be triggered via MIDI or by using the silicone keyboard. And you can choose between sawtooth and square waveforms, and there’s also a filter with cutoff, resonance and depth controls. Saturation and delay effects are here, too.

The B1 is available now and costs $153.99 – more, it has to be said, than Behringer’s similarly spec-d TD-3. However, Donner says that the B1 benefits from having a “beginner-friendly” interface, with an “optimised sequencer” that’s easy to use.

You can find out more on the Donner website.


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