Deckard Dream MK2 Analog Synthesizer

The Black Corporation Deckard Dream is an 8-note polyphonic analog synthesizer, where each note is made up of two independent voices. The synthesizer differs in several ways from the architecture of the original Yamaha CS-80, for example, leaving out the original’s iconic ring modulator. It also builds on the CS-80, though, adding things like patch memory, some new expressive options and support for MPE.

In the video,  Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the Deckard’s Dream mkII, an analog synth inspired by the design of the CS-80 and its use in the original Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis. Ziv Eliraz demos the Deckard’s Dream with the CXM 1978, a reverb pedal inspired by the classic Lexicon 224 reverb.


Topics covered include:

0:00? Intro

1:30? Some sounds

4:00? vs CS-80

4:55? Poly aftertouch

8:00? MPE

9:55? Ring mod

10:40? Presets

11:35? vs DDRM MK1

12:35? Dual layers

14:20? Connectivity

14:40? Slider colors

15:50? Oscillators

17:30? Filters

20:10? Envelopes

22:40? Sub osc / LFO

25:25? Port/gliss

25:50? Sustain I/II

27:00? Unison

29:05? JF Sebastian

31:05? Pros, cons

35:35? Outro 1

37:40? Outro 2

Other gear in the video:

  • CXM 1978 by Chase Bliss and Meris
  • XKey Air 37 and WIDI Jack from CME
  • Midihub from
  • LinnStrument 128 from Roger Linn
  • MIDI cables from designacable
  • Stand from Cremacaffe


The Deckard Dream MK2 is available for pre-order, with shipping expected in March 2021.





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