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Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12

Dave Smith Prophet 12 Synthesizer features a 61-key 12-voice polyphonic synthesizer keyboard with four oscillators capable of generating classic and complex waveforms, a sub-oscillator, resonant analog low-pass and high-pass filters, analog VCAs Per Voice, Effects, Arpeggiator, Tune feedback path, a quad multi-mode delay all per voice and bi-timbral operation add to the character of the Prophet 12.

At twelve voices, the Prophet 12 boasts the greatest polyphony of any instrument designed by Dave Smith. To command all this sonic firepower, you get enough real-time controls to pilot a space shuttle. The Dave Smith Prophet 12 has a knob per function interface which means the user does not have to dive through windows to access parameters. The Prophet 12’s new Character section adds a variety of wave shaping and sound sculpting options, like Drive, Hack, Decimation, Girth, and Air. The LFOs, delay, and arpeggiator can all be synced, either to the internal clock or an external MIDI clock. Two programmable position- and pressure-sensitive touch sliders taken from the Dave Smith Tempest take the performance controls beyond the standard pitch and mod wheels. All pots act as controllers meaning the control possibilities are endless. A dual stereo analog distortion circuit was added at the end of the signal path to enable the user to drive the signal if desired.

The Prophets 12 looks amazing and sounds just as amazing. This synth has an analog filter with digital oscillators, so that makes it a hybrid synth.

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