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Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev2 Synthesizer 16 Voice

The new Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev2 is the enhance version of the original Prophet ’08 and, in many cases, double its power. The Prophet Rev2 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer features 61-key 16-voice  with Per-voice Dual DCOs, Sub-oscillator, and 2/4-pole, lowpass, resonant Curtis Filters; Bi-timbral Operation, Waveshape Modulation, Onboard FX Engine, Polyphonic Step Sequencer, Aftertouch, OLED Display, and USB.

The Prophet Rev2’s 5-octave keyboard is semi-weighted and supports velocity and channel aftertouch. Perhaps, the biggest change the Prophet Rev2 has is that you now get double the polyphony – 16 voices instead of 8. In addition, because the Prophet Rev2 is bi-timbral, independent voices can be stacked or split into different zones on the keyboard. The synth engine offers two DCOs per voice; include a sub-octave generator on oscillator 1, with four waveshapes; sawtooth, triangle, sawtooth + triangle, and pulse, a 2/4 pole, low-pass, resonant Curtis filter per voice.

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New to Prophet Rev2 is waveshape modulation; you can vary the pulse width of any of the four waveforms by manually dialing in a desired waveshape width or by using an LFO or other modulation source. The polyphonic step sequencer is also new; up to 64 steps and up to 6 notes per step but, again, different sequences can be created for each layer. There is also a gate sequencer and an arpeggiator.

The effects section comprises reverb, delays; standard and BBD, chorus, phase shifter, ring modulation and distortion. You can actually apply a different effect to each layer, and effect parameters can be modulated using the expanded modulation matrix. There is also USB support and an OLED display. Dave Smith Instruments’ Prophet Rev2 is another killer synth and is at an amazing value, and would be available soonest by April.

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