Cyma Forma introduces ALT ‘Analog Soundscape Synthesizer’ (Sneak Preview)

French synth maker Cyma Forma has announced the ALT, an ‘analog soundscape synthesizer’ that they plan to release via a Kickstarter project starting May 22, 2024. The ALT features five analog voices, a stereo filter inspired by the Korg MS-20, patch-matrix editing, 4 modulation sources and more.


  • ALT offers five voices, each with different waveform shaping possibilities, each offering stereo panning, enabling a rich, spatial audio experience.
  • A harmonic quantizer lets you chose scales, and play beautiful melodies, either with the faders, or with quantized pitch modulation.
  • Alter – sound alteration can be achieved with a stereo filter, inspired by the Korg MS-20, and a “wild stereo delay” with infinite feedback.
  • Movement – the matrix has 4 adjustable modulation sources: 2 LFO, 1 random step generator, 1 envelope follower; and 17 destinations.
  • Light and sound sensors make it react and evolve with environmental stimuli.

Pre-orders for the ALT synthesizer will be available on Kickstarter starting May 22nd, 2024.



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