Crosspatch Triggerpad enables You Control Your Modular with a Novation Launchpad

At Superbooth 2023, developer Mitja Cerkvenik introduced Triggerpad, a new Eurorack trigger/gate sequencer that lets you use a Launchpad to control your modular synthesizer.

Triggerpad is an 8-channel trigger/gate sequencer in Eurorack format. A USB MIDI controller with an 8×8 grid like the Launchpad or APC is used to display and edit the patterns.

This lets you create simple rhythms or complex polyrhythms, retrigger at audio rate, create dynamic percussion with velocity triggers or use longer pulses to create steppy modulations.


  • 8 channels (start/stop individually)
  • 1 to 64 steps pattern length (per channel)
  • 8 substeps per step (128th notes)
  • 7 levels of velocity of the trigger pulses (0-10V)
  • 250us – 1 step adjustable trigger/gate length
  • Session mode: record patterns quantized to substeps or 16th notes
  • Program sequences in step sequencer mode
  • Global and per channel shuffle
  • Program shuffle patterns: define which steps will be shuffled
  • Switch between patterns instantly or chain up to 64 patterns
  • Set the BPM from 0.5 to 400
  • Set clock divider and clock multiplier on clock input and output
  • No deep menu diving, tailored for live performance
  • Store and recall 64 snapshots of all 64 scenes on USB drives

Details on pricing and availability are to come at the Crosspatch website.


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