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CME launched the first fully functional UF series Master Keyboards and the instrument became an instant hit among the MIDI keyboard. Recently, CME unveiled the latest UF series, among them the CME UF50 featuring a redesigned front panel for easy control with new shortcut buttons and included U-CTRL functions. The new MIDI features include built-in USB plug and play MIDI interface, duplex wireless MIDI interface with error detection and 262 foot range.

The New UF series comes in four models; UF50/60/70/80 and ranging from 49-, 61-, or 76-key Semi-weighted action keyboard with after-touch to 88-key Hammer-action weighted keyboard with after-touch. Other features incorporates in the UF 50 and it’s three other models includes eight assignable control knobs, six sequencer remote buttons, 20 built-in memory locations and nine assignable control faders, all of which were also featured in its predecessor. Additionally, the full update of the latest version 2.0 firmware for the New UF series MIDI keyboards is available free of charge and users can download from CME website by selecting the relevant model to upgrade.

During the 2009 NAMM Show, the CME UF 50 was selected as one of the best selling 49 notes keyboard.

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