Cherry Audio seems to be heading for Jupiter for its next classic synth Plugin


In a non-cryptic teaser trailer, Cherry Audio has indicated that the company will be releasing a new plugin synth based on one of Roland classic Jupiter instruments.


Which of Roland’s instruments is being emulated, though?


The big giveaway is the Solar System graphic, which highlights the fifth planet from the sun – that will be Jupiter – in red.


There is a discussion to be had about which synth is going to be emulated, though; the numbers 2 and 4, blended together, appear near the start of the trailer, so could a Jupiter-6 reboot be in the offering?


Over the past few years, Cherry Audio has hit a rich vein of synth emulating from reviving the ARP 2600, Juno-106, Oberheim Eight Voice, Realistic Concertmate MG-1, Korg MS-20, Moog Polymoog and Moog Memorymoog.


The announcement of the new synth is set to come on 16 September.


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