Buchla & Tiptop Audio Bringing Programmable Complex Waveform Generator & Frequency Shifter 285t to Eurorack

Tiptop Audio & Buchla have announced the next in their series of Eurorack format reissues of classic Don Buchla designs.

The two companies have collaborated on a series of Euro reissues of Buchla’s 200 series Electric Music Box modules from the early ’70s. The new modules are smaller than the originals, but they are relatively affordable and are compatible with the more common Eurorack standard.

The Programmable Complex Waveform Generator 259t is a reissue of the original Buchla 259, as a 34 HP Eurorack module.

The Frequency Shifter Model 285t is an 8hp Euro-format version of the Buchla 285 module.Tiptop says that both modules are in the ‘advance prototype’ stage. Details on pricing and availability are to be announced.


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