Body Synths Metal Fetishist Patchable Percussive Synthesizer, With Randomness & Character

Superbooth 2024 is fast approaching, and in just over two months a lot of new releases are expected.

The new synth company Body Synths will also have a booth there. Apparently, what they will show is not a secret but already known. It will be the Metal Fetishist.

The Metal Fetishist is a new digital percussive Synthesizer with a small patch matrix on the edge.

Metal Fetishist is a beat-making platform designed for rythm discovery and percussive sound design. The unapologetically digital sound engine consists of a single two-wave oscillator with pitch modulation, a white noise source, and a resonant multimode filter (LP/HP).

For extra spice and crunch, it has a built-in digital distortion section with both downsampling and overdrive. The word digital sets the menu-diving bells ringing. Not here. The developer designed it so that it can be tweaked and patched in the analog way aka knob per function.

Randomness – The sounds can be played manually with the big red trigger button. Alternatively, you can explore the more exciting built-in sequencer. This is, however, not a traditional one. It uses two randomness generators that output CV and triggers linked to the random step mod and random skips section.

At every trigger step of the sequence, the random step mod section creates a new modulation signal that can modify the pitch, noise, or filter cutoff. The modulation amount is fully adjustable.

With the random skips, you can control whether the current step of the sequencer will trigger. All this is tweakable on the fly with the skipping amount at every sequence step. There is one more important knob.

By default, the sequencers run in random mode. STEPS, however, is capable of locking the previously generated random step values into repeatable sequences. Lengths of 2, 4, 8, 10, 16, or 32 are available.

On the top left, Metal Fetishist has a little Eurorack-compatible 8-socket patch bay with various outputs (trigger, clock, step mod), and CV inputs (noise, cutoff, pitch, clock, and trigger).

According to Body Synths, you can create simple kicks, harsh noise, fuzzy drones, digital glitches, and plucky microtonal melodies with it.

Take a look at the sounds in the embedded videos below:

First Impression – The simple concepts can continue to fascinate. You don’t have to have tons of features to have fun. The demos sound very tempting.

Body Synths Metal Fetishist will be available in Spring 2024. Price TBA. The developer will also showcase it in May at Superbooth 2024.

Find out more info. on the Body Synths website.



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