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Behringer introduced its new U-CONTROL UMX 610. The Behringer U-Control UMX 610 features a 61-Key MIDI Controller Keyboard with Audio Interface, 100 Software Instruments, 50 VST Effects, energyXT2.5 Compact BEHRINGER Edition Music Production Software and NI (Native Instruments) KorePlayer Software Sound Module.

The U-Control UMX 610 is a compact, absolutely flexible and professional midi keyboard. The U-Control UMX610  is ideal for use with audio editing and sequencing software, or even as a master keyboard for controlling external sound modules and hardware synthesizers. With 61 full size velocity-sensitive keys and a total of 22 assignable knobs, buttons and fader, the instrument  enables you the ease of control over your software and hardware, allowing direct hands on manipulation of parameters within Effects, Synths and Sequencers within your music software. The included USB audio interface will enable you simple recording and playback of audio – recording decks, vocals or instruments and playing back audio without having to install any drivers or additional software to use the device and it is compatible with your PC and Mac computers.

Additionally, the package also includes a software and plug-in bundle, including Native Instruments Koreplayer with 300MB of samples sounds including sounds ranging from synths to acoustic instruments to drums and more , making it ideal for both entry level and advanced producers. This portable keyboard provides total flexibility and tremendous ease of use thus, allowing players to realize their ideas intuitively.

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