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The Behringer U-Control UMA25S features 25 full-size plus half-action, velocity sensitive keys. This ultra-slim and portable USB MIDI Controller Keyboard comes with full fledged on-board Audio Interface to ease connection to Computer for recording and playback. This bright red color little monster has tons of Software Plug-ins and 21 dedicated controllers to give you total control.

With powerful DAW software energy XT2 Compact BEHRINGER Edition, this little red monster allows you to rock on stage and grabs the limelight. The UMA25S can also runs on 3-AA batteries. The rugged, mobile and on-board MIDI Controller keyboard comes with a strap for you to strap on, a gig bag for mobility and headset for jamming sessions.

The Behringer U-Control UMA25S is the only MIDI Controller keyboard that combines MIDI and Audio together at this price range. 

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