Behringer teases UB-Xa Mini, A $99 Taste of the ‘Authentic Sound Of The OB-Xa’

The last product that Behringer has (so far) announced this NAMM is the UB-Xa Mini.

Today, Behringer shared this sneak preview of their upcoming UB-Xa mini analog synthesizer,  a minisynth that they say offers “the authentic sound” of the Oberheim OB-Xa.

Details are still to be announced, but Behringer says that the UB-Xa mini offers three voices. It’s not clear if that is three paraphonic voices or if three polyphonic OB-Xa style voices.

Like the CZ-1, this is another $99 budget synth.

That said, of course it is probably a cut-down version, although Behringer doesn’t give any info on just how cut down it is, saying, “we now have a more affordable option, the UB-Xa Mini, available for only 99 USD for those who want the authentic sound of the OB-Xa. The synth is currently in beta testing and we are looking forward to shipping it soon.”

Finally, the company gave a more general update on how its various projects have been affected by chip shortages, and it looks like that situation is improving.

“As we near the resolution of the chip crisis, we are intensifying our efforts to deliver all our pending products,” it said, concluding with the rather up beat,”synths for all!”

And get more info (possibly) from Behringer website.

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