Behringer Solina String-Ensemble Hands-on demo


Andertons has shared this hands-on demo of the upcoming Behringer Solina String-Ensemble, an unofficial Euro-format copy of the classic Solina String-Ensemble keyboard.

The original was made by Eminent, and marketed as the Solina String Ensemble and the ARP String Ensemble. It uses divide-down technology, which allowed for full polyphony using 70’s technology. The classic string synth sound was a staple of 70’s disco, pop and synth music.

Behringer Solina was originally teased with a target release date of 2018, but even at that time, the company said “We haven’t decided if and when we will build this recreation.” While they’ve previewed the Solina several times since then, it’s had no planned release date, because they can’t get the parts to put it into production.

But, now Behringer Solina is available.

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