Behringer says it has made a development breakthrough as it aims DS-80 for a “100% authentic” Yamaha CS-80 analogue synth clone



Behringer has just offered some fresh insight into the scale of the challenge with an update on the progress of its clone, the DS-80.


In a Facebook post, Behringer says that, after painstaking development, it has now got its VCF and envelopes performing 100% identically. The cloning process has been made particularly difficult because all of the chips used in the original CS-80 are no longer available, as is any related documentation.


Replicating Yamaha classic CS-80 synth was never going to be easy so, Manchester-based analogue guru John Price has been forced to measure every function of the CS-80 voice board and then redesign the circuitry with current components.


This has been no easy task, partly because the CS-80 has an unusual VCO, VCF and waveshaper design, which is one of the key factors behind its unique sound.


The next step, says Behringer, is to complete the VCO and waveshaper circuitry and build a voice board for final testing and comparison.


It sounds like the release of the Behringer DS-80 is still some way off.




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