Behringer Pro-16 Synthesizer Sneak Preview


Behringer has shown an early prototype of a clone of a classic analogue synth, the Pro-16.


The Behringer Pro-16 appears to be closely based on the classic Sequential Prophet-5 synthesizer.


This is an early prototype, but the illustration that Behringer has shared bears all the hallmarks of the Jupiter-8, and the fact that it has been captioned with the words “The space journey has started…” all but gives the game away.


Facetiousness aside, the synth appears to be Roland Jupiter-8, which was Roland rival to the Prophet-5, and offered eight dual-oscillator voices and sounds that could be split and layered across the keyboard. The oscillators offered triangle, pulse, square and sawtooth waveforms (and noise for oscillator 2), and there was also an LFO, a resonant low-pass filter and a pair of four-stage envelope generators. Roland threw a non-resonant high-pass filter into the mix for good measure.


Behringer says, “Not only did we employ the original circuitries of all 3 revisions, we also added many features such as 16 voices, multi-timbrality, LCD display and a lot more. We started the ideation of this project around 5 years ago and it has since grown into an incredibly powerful flagship synth.”


When Behringer version remains to be seen, but if the Behringer Pro-16 can get similar to the sound of the Jupiter-8 then the synth will be in the highest demand.


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