Behringer Polyeight Enhanced Korg Polysix with 2 more voices, but less an octave of keys

Behringer today officially announced the Polyeight, an enhanced of the classic Korg Polysix, by offering an additional two voices.


However, Behringer’s prototype photo indicates that its new Polyeight  synth loses something in comparison to the PolySix as well: it has a 4-octave keyboard rather than a 5-octave one. Swings and roundabouts, then.


The Polyeight will have modern niceties such as MIDI and USB connectivity, as well as what Behringer is calling a “much improved” user interface.


The original Korg Polysix was one of the budget polys of its day, with six single-oscillator/vcf/vca voices. It hass earned its place as a classic, though, because it offers great sound and an easy-to-use knobby interface.


Here’s what Behringer has to say about the Polyeight:


“The first Polyeight has come alive:-)


While this is still an early prototype, the firmware is all based on our new ARM platform, which will certainly speed up the development and time to market.


As you can see, the Polyeight is not a pure clone. We have retained the analog section, but added 2 more voices and especially a much improved user interface with very useful functions.”



There is no price or release date, but Behringer is saying that, because the firmware is based on its new ARM platform, development time will be speeded up and the synth should come to market sooner.



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