Behringer Perfect Pitch PP1 Audio To CV/Gate and MIDI Converter

Synthesist O.Z. Hall shared this in-depth look at the Behringer Perfect Pitch PP1, a new Eurorack module that converts microphone, guitar, or line-level sources to MIDI, CV, and USB signals.

The module also features a line out so you can run external signals through your modular system.

The PP1 is designed to let you play your synth by singing, playing guitar, etc, and the video has numerous examples of how this works.

Topics covered:

0:00 – Introduction

0:17 – Mic input – Vocals

0:36 – PP1 Front Panel Controls

3:13 – Hi-Z input – Bass

3:27 – Hi-Z input – Guitar

3:59 – Line input – Mono Synth

4:11 – Mic input – Trumpet

4:36 – Line input – Sampled Trumpet

4:54 – Gate Threshold adjustment

5:10 – Conclusion




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