Behringer MonoPoly Synthesizer

Behringer announced the MonoPoly synthesizer six months ago, and the MonoPoly is finally available for pre-order. The new Behringer MonoPoly synth is a long drawn out process after six months.


The Berhringer MonoPoly copies the general look and design of the original, but in a smaller format. The original Korg MonoPoly has 44-keys whereas new MonoPoly has 37 full-size keys, and the control panel can be tilted at three different angles or laid down flat. As you might imagine, it is a reboot of Korg’s MonoPoly, so you get four VCOs – each with a choice of four waveshapes – a 24db vintage filter, dedicated filter and VCA ADSR envelopes and dual analogue LFOs.


The new MonoPoly can be played in monophonic, unison and poly modes, with its paraphonic design – you can play up to four notes at a time. There is also a Chord function that enables you to trigger complete chords from a single note.


Other options include PWM and detune, and there is an effects section with cross-modulation and oscillator sync capabilities. It adds limited MIDI control via USB & DIN, but also offers CV/Gate control. As on the original, there is an arpeggiator, while round the back you will find trigger and CV connectivity, plus a full suite of MIDI ports.

Behringer MonoPoly Synthesizer

Pre-order the MonoPoly now.

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