Behringer intros RSF Kobol, Kobol Expander Knockoffs



Behringer had introduces their Kobol Expander, an unofficial copy of the original RSF Expander from 1979.


Behringer’s version updates the original by resizing it to be Eurorack compatible, and adds USB and DIN MIDI control.


This follows their recently announcement of the Behringer Kobol, below, a knockoff of the RSF Kobol from 1978, a rare synth described by some as ‘The French Minimoog”.


The RSF Kobol keyboard is a dual-oscillator monophonic analog synthesizer that offers some unique features for synths of its day, including a sequencer and patch memory.



The RSF Kobol Expander is essentially a rack-mount synth voice, based on the Kobol.


Behringer has not announced details for pricing or availability for the two new synths. They have tagged the synths as #hardvaporware, though, a term they’ve used for their recent synth introductions that they’re unable to put into production because of limited parts availability.



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