Behringer intros $99 Saturn Soul Synthesizer



Behringer Saturn is like a $99 mini synth version of the Roland Jupiter-8.


Looks like it’s very much mini synth trend over at Behringer at the moment – following the announcements of the Pro VS and JP-4000 last week, the company has now unveiled the Saturn, a trimmed-down take on Roland’s classic Jupiter-8.


Authentic analogue circuitry at a bargain basement price?


We learnt last year that Behringer is working on a full-size Jupiter-8 clone – the Saturn promises the same “authentic circuitry” but in a smaller, more affordable polyphonic package. In fact, it is projected to cost just $99.


While the company describes the synth as an analog polyphonic synthesizer, many would categorize it as a paraphonic monosynth design, meaning that it’s a single synth voice, with individually controllable oscillators.


Of course, some compromises have been made to hit this price point. The 27 keys are of the touch-sensitive variety, for example, though Behringer claims that they offer “great playability”. If you can look beyond that, there’s plenty to get excited about, including three oscillators, a multimode filter, an arpeggiator and a 16-step motion sequencer.



In addition, you can hook up a larger MIDI keyboard if you wish, and there’s further I/O for syncing Saturn to other synths or drum machines. Power can come from your smartphone, power bank or computer.


Roland previously released its own mini Jupiter-8 – the JP-08 – as part of its Boutique range, though this used digital technology to model the analogue circuitry.





  • Analog synthesizer based on “the classic Jupiter synthesizer from the ‘80s”
  • 27 touch-sensitive keys
  • Analog signal path
  • 3 VCOs, with 4 selectable saw, triangle, square and pulse waveforms
  • Pulse width modulation
  • Multi-mode filter with resonance
  • Filter switchable between 2- and 4-poles for additional sound options
  • Play modes include poly, unison and arpeggiator
  • 16-step motion sequencer with 8 memory slots and recording of knob movements
  • LFO with saw, triangle, square and random waves for vibrato, tremolo and wah-wah effects
  • Voltage Controller Amplifier with a dedicated ADSR envelope
  • Micro USB connector allows powering via smartphone, power bank or computer
  • Sync Input and Output to synchronize with other synthesizers or drum machines
  • Comprehensive MIDI implementation (including NRPN/CC control of all parameters and bulk load/save)



Behringer says Saturn Soul development is complete and that it will start shipping the Saturn once it has the necessary chips.



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