Behringer intros $99 Minimoog Knockoff, the Model D Soul












Behringer today introduced the Model D Soul, a tiny, $99 Minimoog knockoff that they say is “based on the authentic MiniMoog circuitry, but in a portable and affordable package.”


The introduction caps off a fevered week for the company that saw them introduce 10 synthesizers that they say that they can’t currently produce, because of parts constraints.


The Model D Soul is their third synth in their Stylophone-style ‘Soul’ format, following the introductions of the Behringer Saturn (based on a Roland Jupiter 8 synth voice) and the Pro VS (based on a Prophet VS synth voice).


The Model D Soul fits cleanly into the knockoff category, as a cheap, unofficial copy of the Minimoog. Behringer explicitly states that it’s “Based on the classic MiniMoog from the 1970s”, and its front panel is a shrinky-dinked version of the original.


But the Model D Soul does not copy the Minimoog as closely as the Behringer D, replacing the Minimoog’s analog pots with digital encoders. Because of the Model D Soul’s tiny size, it does not have a one-knob-per-function interface, meaning that encoders have to be used for knobs that have multiple functions.


This change has pros and cons. It means that the Model D Soul is another step removed from the original Minimoog design, and that it loses the what you see is what you get usability of the Minimoog’s knob-per-function interface. Where the Model D had 48 knobs and switches, the Model D Soul has 18. But this change also means that the digitally-controlled patch settings can be controlled via MIDI, which was not possible on either the original Minimoog or Behringer Model D.






  • 3 VCOs, VCF, 1 LFO, 2 envelope design based on the classic MiniMoog from the 1970s
  • VCO with 5 selectable wave forms, including saw, triangle, shark, square and pulse
  • ‘Vintage-sounding’ low-pass filter with resonance
  • LFO with 4 different waveforms
  • VCA with a dedicated envelope control
  • Variable envelope amount for filter cut-off control
  • White and pink noise with independent volume control
  • 16-step motion sequencer with 8 memory slots and recording of knob movements
  • 27 touch keys
  • 18 controls
  • USB Micro connector allows powering via smartphone, power bank or computer
  • MIDI implementation (including NRPN/CC control of all parameters and bulk load/save)


Behringer says that the “Model D Soul is fully completed and ready for production”, but it is not going into production at this time because of component constraints. When it does ship, they expect the price to be $99.






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