AtomoSynth Intros KOE M6 Monophonic Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer



The KOE M6 is internally normalized, so you can use without any patch cables. It offers a 32-point patch bay, so you can override default routings. It has a MIDI to CV converter, so you it plays well with standard MIDI gear. And you can use the patch bay to integrate it with other modular gear.


The developers note that the KOE M6 desktop edition can be a great entry gate to the modular world, or you can take the module out of its enclosure and install it in another Eurorack case.




  • Voltage controlled oscillator with saw and pulse waveforms.
  • Pulse width modulation controllable by voltage.
  • Square wave Sub oscillator with -1 and -2 octaves selector.
  • Digital square wave oscillator DCO (controlled by midi only).
  • Low Frequency Oscillator with triangle and square waveforms and voltage controlled frequency.
  • Random voltage modulator with 6 modes (S&H, random, dust, random gate, pulse, midi cc out)
  • Classic AtomoSynth Low pass and High pass voltage controlled vactrol filter.
  • Slope generator with voltage controlled rise and fall times and loop/gate selector.
  • ADSR type envelope generator.
  • Flexible built in Delay effect with voltage controlled delay time.
  • Voltage mixer with gain and positive or negative offset control.
  • Patch bay with 17 inputs and 15 outputs.
  • Midi interface with CV pitch, gate and CC outputs.
  • Rugged sheet metal enclosure finished with micro textured electrostatic paint.


The KOE M6 is available now to pre-order for $449.








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