Analogue Solutions introduces Maximus 8-Voice Mega-Polysynth

Analogue Solutions has introduced Maximus, a new “mega-polysynth” with a design ethos that creator Tom Carpenter says is “truly from the dawn of analog synths.”

Maximus will make its official debut at Synthfest UK 2023, scheduled for Oct 7th, 2023 in Sheffield, England.


In the meantime, here’s what Carpenter has shared about Maximus:

“Although we label this as a polysynth – it is so much more. We can’t think of a label to give this synth since it is so much more than that.

When you think of polysynth you think of flat synths with one set of controls that control all voices equally. By giving Maximus independent controls for every voice, you have more freedom to create unique styles of poly sounds impossible on traditional polysynths, whether they are hardware or software. You can dial up ‘traditional’ poly sounds (pads etc) or have something unimaginable different.

Because you can never dial up each voice completely identically, standard polys pads will sounds superbly vintage.

All the voice and modulation circuits are of course 100% analog. We purposely steered away from digital, aside from of course the digital needed in MIDI and the mini-sequencers.

This synth is purely for those who want it just as it was in the 1970s – but new with parts still in production. For those who want a synth that could have been built in the 70s.

There are no gimmicks – this is pure synthesiser. A huge sound enclosed in a solid metal case wrapped in solid hardwood. No expense has been spared to bring this incredible machine to life.”


  • Voice – x8
    • 2 VCO
    • 1 Mixer
    • 3 12dB filters
    • 2 Full ADSR envelopes
    • 1 16 step note/modulation loop sequencer
    • 1 BBD style retro echo
    • 1 Main out VCA
    • 1 White Noise
    • 1 Sub Osc
    • 1 Portamento / Glide
    • 1 VCO tune Vernier dial
    • Generous selection of cross modulation controls.
  • Master
    • 1 VC LFO
    • 1 LFO with delay
    • 1 LFO
    • 8 channel stereo mixer
    • 2 Real spring reverbs
    • 1 Master control knobs
    • 1 Poly MIDI to CV converter
    • 4 Key modes
    • 2 MIDI Sync modes
    • 1 Multiple
    • Generous modulation routing
  • Misc
    • Metal cabinet
    • Birch ply real wood
    • Healthy set of jack sockets for patching on all panels
  • Optional AS400 keyboard
    • 61 full length keys
    • Weighted
    • Velocity
    • Aftertouch with VCA for modulation
    • 64 pad touch controller (can be split to 2×32)

Maximus is available to order now, with the following pricing:

  • AS300 main unit £22500 £19900 Launch price – batch 1 only
  • AS400 optional keyboard £1900 £1800 Launch price – batch 1 only


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