Analog Sweden Swenigiser Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

German synthesist Hainbach – in his latest video – demos the Analog Sweden Swenigiser, a modern clone of the Orgon Systems Enigiser.

The Orgon Systems Enigiser is a rare monophonic synth design, created by Geoff Waterston in 1996, designed for experimental dance musicians. Under 150 units are thought to have been made.

After decades of the Enigiser being a collector’s item, it was reissued in 2022 by Waterston, who also introduced a more advanced model, the Enigiser X in 2023.

In addition, two companies offer clones of the original design. Hainbach’s video demos the Analog Sweden Swenigiser, which is based on the original Enigiser design.

The Analog Sweden Swenigiser, is available now for $1,798.00.

*Note: Waterston’s website says that “While it could be seen as a compliment that people have made huge efforts to clone the enigiser, it has to be stated that the cloned copies do not sound or function in the same way an original enigiser does.” The original Enigiser is available for £1495 (about $1,875 USD) plus shipping.



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