Analog Drum Machine In 5U Powered By Artificial Intelligence


Noisebug demonstrates a custom Moog format 5U algorithmic analog drum machine.


The 5U drum machine features several modules from Corsynth, including their DR-01 Bass Drum, DR-02 Snare Drum and DR-03 Hi-Hat / Metal. Each module features a complete analog voice, tailored to a different type of drum synthesis.


The drum machine is driven by the FSFX 110 Topographic Drum Sequencer, a 5U adaptation of the Mutable Instruments Grids synthesizer module. Grids is an algorithmic drum sequencer, based on AI-powered machine learning trained on the drum patterns of electronic music and other genres. So, instead of building a pattern, you can select a starting point and use CV or controls to modulate the density of each part of the pattern.


The system adds a Corsynth C111 Multimode Contour Generator for envelopes and a Moon 526 Reversible Mixer in a Moon M500-T10 Case.


The Moog Format Analog Drum System is available via Noisebug for $2,250. All the components are also available individually for creating custom analog drum synthesis solutions.





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