AMSynths introduces DIODE-01 Analog Synthesizer, A Roland System 101 ‘Replica’

AMSynths – UK-based synth maker – has announced the DIODE-01 analog synthesizer, described as “an accurate replica of the Roland System 101 analog synthesizer, combined with the extra features in the 102″.


DIODE-01 appears to clone the Roland System 101/102 design, but as a Mother-32 format Eurorack synthesizer module.



  • Envelope Generator – “traditional but fast” ADSR
  • LFO – with three waveforms (triangle, sine, sawtooth)
  • S&H – with its own wide-ranging clock (0.25Hz to 400Hz)
  • VCO – with range switch and four waveforms (triangle, sawtooth, square, pulse)
  • The VCO has the sync feature of the 102 (strong or weak)
  • Noise source with white and pink colours
  • Ring Modulator, normalized to the VCO and LFO
  • High pass filter, 3dB passive design
  • Voltage controlled 24dB diode filter with self oscillation
  • Voltage controlled amplifier
  • Output stage that mixes a second input into a final output

The AMSynths DIODE-01 is currently in development. Details on pricing and availability are to be announced, but developer Rob Keeble plans to show the prototype at Synthfest UK 2023, scheduled for Oct 7th, 2023 in Sheffield, England. Production units are expected to be available in Winter of 2023/2024.

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