Alesis MICRON Analog Modeling Synthesizer


The feisty dynamism of Alesis’s synthesizer, Micron Analog Modeling Synthesizer, is guaranteed to inspire you with incredible sonic results, both on-stage and in studio. Micron’s rugged and compact design has programmable step, phase sequencer and arpeggiator. In addition, the simple interface makes creating new textures and instruments extremely fast and intuitive and there are many more you can do with the Micon. If you are looking for synthesizer that is affordable yet has an expansive set of analog sounds, the Alesis Micron gives you the most bangs for the buck.

And if you are doing electronic dance music, this synthesizer is the perfect choice. Contrary to some comments; like not finding soft and warm patches, actually the patches are categorized by drums, bass, pad, lead, just to name a few. The Micron features 8-voice, each with 3 oscillators, 2 multimode filters, 3 envelope generators, 2 LFOs (Lyte Funky Ones), sample and hold, and tracking generator.

If you compare the Micron with other Virtual Analog synthesizers like Korg’s VA synths (MS2000, microKorg), the Roland 303 and the Novation Station, I can honestly tell you that Alesis Micron can go toe to toe against all of them and many times come out ahead in both sound and functionality.


  • 37 Keys
  • No. of Effects Processors/Effects Programs: c
  • Outputs/Type: (2) analog in/out
  • Polyphony/Multitimbral Parts: 8/32
  • Filter Types/Resonance: Variable

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