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Alesis introduced  its Special and Limited Edition, Alesis micron se Analog Modeling Synthesizer, and announced its immediate availability. The special Blue version is a new addition to Alesis popular analog modeling synthesizer and family. The micron se features eight-voice analog modeling synthesizer, with 37-key synth-action touch sensitive keyboard, more than 600 preset sounds, robust sequencing section with phase, step, and drum, stereo effects, and an arpeggiator, Effects; including Stereo, Reverbs and Delays. Each of the micron’s voices contains two filters, and each filter can be one of the following different types, each with its own character and sonic flavor. Each of the micron’s voices contains two LFOs, each of which offers rate, depth, shape, and tempo sync, and three envelopes: Amp Envelope, Filter Envelope, and Pitch/Modulation Envelope.

The Alesis micron se analog modeling synthesizer though small in size but, do not underestimate the instrument, the micron se delivers robust sound and impressive sonic flexibility. Regardless, whether musicians choose to use the synth for live performance or studio environment, and whether they choose to create their own sounds or work with the preset sounds, the micron se is the ideal companion with powerful synthesis capabilities, great sound and excellent portability.

If you’re considering getting a cheap, easy to use analog synth emulator, than you should seriously consider the Alesis Micron Se Analog Modeling Synthesizer. Its sixties Sci-Fi flavored aesthetics and simple control layout belies a sophisticated, yet user-friendly electronic music instrument.

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