A Complete Guide to Roland JX-08 Synthesizer

In the latest XNB video offers a deep dive into the Roland JX-08 synthesizer.

The Roland JX-08 is a new synth in their ‘Boutique’ line, based on the Roland JX-8P. The JX-08 features expanded polyphony, two-part multitimbral capability, and dual/split modes. It includes 32 presets from the original hardware and 100-plus new patches tailored to contemporary styles.

Unlike the original JX-8P, though, the JX-08 features a full set of hands-on controls, derived from the companion PG-800 programmer unit for the original hardware.

Topics covered:

0:00 – Intro

0:52 – Patches, Parts, Dual & Split

05:28 – Initialize and save

10:24 – ARP, NOTE, SEQ

18:45 – Sound Modes

20:47 – DCO’s

28:49 – Mixer ENV

31:02 – VCF

37:42 – Envelopes & VCA

39:22 – Envelopes 101

44:22 – LFO & Portamento

49:91 – Effect

54:34 – Arpeggiator

01:01:15 – Part Options

01:06:36 – MIDI settings


Watch the video embedded above and share your thoughts on the JX-08 in the comments!



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