A Complete Guide to Korg Opsix FM Synthesizer

XNB latest video could not be more perfectly timed, offering a complete guide Korg Opsix FM synthesizer, which Korg USA earlier last week put on sale for the blow-out price of $329, 69% off the original list price.

The video is not intended to be a review, but a complete, in-depth guide to the Korg Opsix.

What XNB say about the video:

“I tried to cover almost everything about the synth on one single video, so I don’t block your learning by releasing part in different days. That’s why is a bit long, but everything was recorded in sections, so you can watch it as a course. You can navigate the timeline or click the chapters to see what you want.

On this one we will go from what is an operator, carrier and modulator to controls the whole synth and getting to know all the modes (FM, Ring mod, Filter, Filter FM, Waveshaper and Effect).”

Watch the video, Complete Guide to the Korg Opsix FM Synthesizer, and share your thoughts!

Topics covered:

0:00 – Intro

0:40 – Operator

05:05 – OP Mode

07:58 – OP Pitch

20:43 – OP Level/EG

30:27 – Filter

37:56 – Home

42:02 – Voices

49:27 – LFO

01:04:43 – V.Patch

01:14:21 – Algo 32

01:17:29 – FX

01:19:09 – Carriers/Modulator

01:27:16 – FM mode

01:38:55 – MOD Envelopes

01:43:36 – Ring-mod mode

01:54:03 – Filter mode

02:03:01 – Filter FM mode

02:07:46 – WaveFolder mode

02:14:12 – Effect mode

02:20:42 – Shortcuts

02:23:40 – Randomize

02:26:53 – Favorites

02:29:05 – Saving

02:30:55 – Buy me a coffee


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