200+ Sounds for Arturia Polybrute Synthesizer

Synthesist Jexus is back with a new sound library that showcases the sonic possibilities of the Arturia Polybrute synthesizer.

As usual, the preview video offers not just a demo of many of the custom patches in the sound library, but also the Polybrute’s range as a synth.

What Jexus say about the Polybrute synthesizer:


“Do I like the synth? Yes, very much. So much that if I were confronted with the silly yet popular challenge / dilemma “you can only keep 3 synths in your studio, which would it be?” – I would have to think really hard about the PB. And it would probably make it into my top 3 for its organic sound, nice UI and above-average versatility.

If Arturia ever creates a synth which combines Polybrute’s core sound with Minifreak’s engine flexibility and Sequential’s UI & exterior design (in the vein of Prophet-6 / OB-6 which are easy to gig on), it could become one of the most successful synths ever. As for now, I’m pretty sure Polybrute’s unique timbre, plus the sound design possibilities have turned it into a frequent dweller of recording studios of all kind.”

The Polybrute sound library is available now for $29.90.


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