WoodTroller & WoodSynth Updated with MIDI 2 and More

Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio has released WoodSynth 3.5 and WoodTroller 2.0 for macOS + iOS, adding MIDI 2 support and more.


New in WoodSynth 3.5:

Added Midi V2 support:

– Uses the 16 bits velocity in received v2 note-on/off messages.

– Uses the 32 bits values in received v2 CC, Aftertouch, Pressure and Pitch messages.

– Uses the received new v2 “Per note pitch” messages (v1 MPE equivalent).

– Uses the received new v2 RPN (Registered Per Note) 74 messages (MPE equivalent).

– Uses the new v2 note-on attribute type 3 (Pitch 7.9).

– Sends v2 messages (16 bits velocity, 32 bits control values) when Sequencer midi out or  Touch bar midi out is on.

– Responds to Midi V2 CI Discovery and Profile Inquiry messages.

– Added Midi v2 button in Advanced to enable v2 or revert to midi v1.

– Added Midi v2 group dropdown (All, 1..16).


Other new features:

  • Added (back) “Remove Preset” in presets menu.
  • Selected preset now shows checkmarks on all sub folders.
  • Added Undo & Redo (press Alt for Redo button in Classic view).
  • Added Compare A/B button (toggles between original preset and modified preset).
  • Added Octave Up/Down buttons to touch bar.
  • Midi out does not send any longer to its own (WoodSynth) destination.
  • Sequencer midi out now also sends :?velocity in note-on messages with value set to the step volume.?CC74 message with value of sequencer step param2.?Mod wheel message with value of sequencer step param3.?Pitch wheel message (Osc1 detune, Sequencer sub semitones, …).?correct note values when using Variations, also with Var Glide on.


New in WoodTroller 2.0:

Added Midi V2 support:

  • All note-on/off messages now have 16 bits velocity (7 bits in midi v1)
  • All controller (CC), pitch, aftertouch, pressure message values now have 32 bits.
  • Added v2 button in main panel to enable v2 or revert to midi 1.
  • Added v2 group dropdown (1..16) : each group has 16 v1 channels.
  • Pitch shifting can use the new v2 “Per Note Pitch” message (MPE in v1).
  • CC74 can use the new v2 RPN message (MPE in v1).


Other new features:

  • Pressure and CC74 can now be set/changed after note-on (is held) with a second touch in the same note lane. A small circle will indicate the value set.
  • Velocity zone can be made larger (Advanced Settings new slider).
  • CC74 zone can now send any CC controller messages (Advanced setting).
  • Pressure zone can now send “ChannelPressure” or “Aftertouch” midi messages.
  • Midi send can now be done to published destination endpoints or from the WoodTroller midi source endpoint or from both.

Details are available on the Woodman’s website.



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