vPlayer VST/AU Host for Mac + Windows

Digital Brain Instruments has released vPlayer 4, a major update to its 64-bit VST/AU host for Mac and Windows.

vPlayer 4 is designed to let you play live, using a variety of software synth plugins, without the overhead of using a DAW. vPlayer 4 essentially acts as a wrapper to turn any VST/AU into a standalone application.

It enables you play up to 8 VST/AU instruments at same time, using up to 4 different MIDI keyboards.



  • 4 Plugin Slots: Each plugin slot allows using 1 instrument & 1 effect plugin. Each slot can be played using a different MIDI device simultaneously (4 MIDI keyboards) or using the same MIDI device.
  • Play up to 8 instrument plugins: Each effect plugin can be converted into an instrument plugin, allowing to play up to 8 instruments at same time.
  • External audio input available: Use a microphone, any music instrument or audio input from third-party software using virtual audio loopback drivers.
  • Built-in Audio Player: Play any file from your computer.
  • Built-In MIDI Player: Play up to 4 MIDI files simultaneously.
  • Parallel & Serial Processing Modes: Parallel mode allows playing 4 virtual instruments while audio output is processed through an effect plugin for each virtual instrument. Serial mode allows playing 1 virtual instrument while audio output is processed through 7 effect plugins. In audio source mode, serial processing mode allows processing your audio input through 8 VST/AU effect plugins.
  • Multitrack & Stereo Recording: Record each plugin slot audio output to individual audio files.
  • MIDI Recording: Export individual MIDI files for each plugin slot. Up to 4 MIDI files.
  • Master Rack: Up to 2 VST/AU plugins to process master output.
  • Built-in Metronome.

vPlayer 4 is available now for $6.


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