Universal Audio Launches Verve Analog Machines & Free ‘Essentials’ Version

Universal Audio launches Verve Analog Machines saturation effects, and makes the ‘Essentials’ version free until April 30.

Universal Audio has announced two new plugins that each have a number of retro saturation effects – or Machines – included. Verve Analog Machines is the headliner but the support act, Verve Analog Machines Essentials, might be the main attraction as it’s free until the end April.

With Verve Analog Machines you get 10 ‘Machines’, saturation effects of various colours that give creators everything from “subtle tape warmth and hi-fi tube saturation to full on distorted textures and more”.

The cut-down Verve Analog Machines Essentials includes four Machines but is just $99. It is free until April 30.

The fuller Verve Analog Machines features controls like Drive, Tone, and Tape Warble. The Machines are all analogue in nature (although obviously digital in delivery), all utilising the same kind of component level modelling employed in the rest of UA’s plugins.

The 10 Machine effects are Sweeten (reel-to-reel tape machine), Edge (analogue console), Glow (harmonics via a tube preamp or channel strip), Warm (older tape machine), Thicken (lo-fi tape), Vintagize (old tape), Distort (driving analogue preamp), Overdrive (fuzzy tape tone), Fire (searing analogue tape), and finally Sputter (broken distortion).

Verve Analog Machines Essentials is all of the above but with just four machines and has just the Drive control included (so no Tone or Warble).

“We really want people to get creative with true-to-life analogue tones,” says Ryan Wardell, UA’s Director of Software. “Verve Analog Machines gives music producers and beatmakers a sleek, fun collection of machines to experiment with everything from gentle warmth to sonic obliteration.”

You can get Verve Analog Machines on the standard UA subscription ($19.99/month or $149/year) which gets you close to 40 UAD Spark plugin instruments and effects, most of which are pretty amazing.

Or buy it for a one off fee of $99 until the end of April, or download the Essentials version now for free while you can. Get it now! You can do that, and grab more information on both Verve Analog Machines bundles here.


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