The Most Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer On The Market, Tone2 ICARUS2


Best Service has announced the availability of Tone2 Icarus2, a major update to the powerful software synth workstation.


Icarus2 offers 54 different synthesis methods and provides a gigantic sonic range – including 3d-wavetable synthesis, 53 effects, a vocoder, hypersaw, 62 filter types and more. The audio engine can create classic synths sounds, but also has the range to let you create unique original sounds.




  • Icarus2 is described as ‘the most advanced wavetable-synthesizer on the market, but not limited to wavetable-synthesis”
  • The audio-engine can do 54 different synthesis modes
  • The 3D-wavetable-synthesis allows a new dimension of dynamic expression
  • High-end sound-quality with low CPU-requirement
  • Easy-to-use interface with animated displays and context-sensitive help
  • Wide sonic range
  • Over 1600 presets
  • GUI with 12 sizes, 3 zoom-levels and 26 color-schemes
  • Drag & drop modulation
  • Drum-sequencer with 100 drum-patterns
  • Powerful arpeggiator with autochord-support, shuffle and swing
  • 3 x 53 effects, vocoder
  • Glitch-sequencer
  • 10x stereo hypersaw, unison, stacks, chords
  • Polyphonic, monophonic, several legato modes
  • Dual multi-mode filters with 62 filter-types and 8 distortion-types
  • Customizable user-interface
  • Expandability, modular


Icarus2 is available now for $169.






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