Swedish DAW developer teases Objekt new modelling synth

Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone praises its “hyper realistic” quality.

Reason Studios is preparing a new soft synth launch, known as Objekt, details of this are yet to be revealed, but it is coming on 11 May.

We know about Objekt from a combination of the above screenshot and a series of teaser videos featuring reactions from artists and Reason users. From these, we expect that there’s no sampling involved – we know it is a ‘modelling’ synth – and that the sounds that it can create have an acoustic tone to them.

Eric Barone, creator of video game Stardew Valley, sums it up by saying: “It sounds like real instruments but it also has a hyper-realistic quality to it – it’s almost better than real instruments.”

Apparently, the only place to get a taste of these sounds is in the trailers below, but all will be revealed in about two weeks time.

Objekt will be available as a Rack Extension from Reason Studios, that will be included in the Reason+ subscription. Those who own Reason outright will be able to purchase it separately. Release date 11 May 2023

Find out more on the Reason Studios website.

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