Softube Model 80 Synth Plugin revives Prophet-5

A software reboot of “the industry-defining five-voice polyphonic synth from 1980”

Swedish developer, Softube had emulations of Roland’s SH-101 (Model 82) and Juno-106 (Model 84) and the Minimoog (Model 72), and now they come back with the Model 80.

As with the other plugins, the number on the end of the name indicates the year that the instrument being emulated was released: in this case we’re talking 1980 and the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5.

Softube does not actually namecheck the P5 in its press release, but Model 80’s design makes it pretty clear that this is where the inspiration came from. We are assured that every detail of the synth has been carefully modelled, and all the original presets are also incuded.

The Voice Mod section is also present and correct; the addition of the Invert Voice Mod button gives you some extra modulation envelopes. Other enhancements include Voice Pan Spread, quantise filter cutoff, and velocity and aftertouch modulation.

Model 80 runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. You can also use five of its modules separately in Softube’s Modular synth. The regular price will be €159, but you can currently purchase Model 80 for the introductory price of $99/€99 through June 2, and there’s also a demo version.

Find out more on the Softube website.

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