SampleScience Updates v2 for 4 Free Plugins

SampleScience has released v2 versions for 4 of its free plugin instruments.

Each of the instruments has been updated with four new effects, a re-mastered sound set, 5 new variations, and the ability to choose a custom folder for the sound content:

  • Nu Guzheng is a plugin instrument based on a multi-sampled set of guzheng samples. This traditional Chinese plucked zither has been recorded in stereo using a pair of Blue spark condenser microphones. Recorded in 32-bit and downsampled to 24-bit for the plugin version, the end result is clean-sounding and authentic.
  • Zither Renaissance is a virtual instrument based on a damaged plucked zither recording that has been restored. A combination of audio engineering techniques has been used to make these zither samples great: spectral repair, adaptative noise removal, and manual retuning.
  • Resonance is a piano plugin designed by combining short acoustic piano attack samples and a piano’s body resonance physical model. Inspired by the music of Nils Frahm, Resonance is perfect for fast arpeggios and emotional riffs.
  • Synthetic Vortices is a collection of 90 ambient loops generated by the Ensoniq Fizmo and embedded in a VST plugin instrument. The collection of sounds is “atmospheric and alien”.

The instruments are available for free by entering 0 in the price field. Donations to support the developer are welcome.

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