Recluse Audio Updates Pulsar, Stockhausen-inspired Soft Synth

Open your mind, because Recluse Audio has made all of its plugins available for free: “What is frequency? What is pitch? What is rhythm? They’re kind of the same thing”

Recluse Audio has sprung best surprise by making all of its plugins available for free so, indulge your experimental side with the Stockhausen-inspired Pulsar 2.0, and download free reverb and flanger effects and a simple sampler, as well.

Pulsar 2.0 is the pick of the bunch, an experimental noise maker that promises “the highest level of spectral precision that synthesis can offer”.

Said to offer “all the transcendental tools of Curtis Roads, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and many more,” it is probably best if you watch the explanation video above to understand how this works.

“We’re going through the waves of time to that scientific, instantaneous moment,” says the developer. “This is why I think it has to do with free will… nature around us being the wave that pushes us in the directions, the frequency of the fundamental, but the formant is the characteristic of the individual.”

Ultimately, we’re asked: “What is frequency? What is pitch? What is rhythm? They’re kind of the same thing.”

Pulsar 2.0 looks like a lot of fun, and the original Pulsar is also still available.

Other plugins on the Recluse roster include the Reflections reverb/delay, a Flanger and Rompler, a simple sampler that enables you to drag and drop audio files onto its interface and tweak them with ADSR envelope controls. The Auto Visualizer Max4Live device is now free, too.

You can do your downloading over on the Recluse Audio website.

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