Reason Mimic Creative Sampler enables you take sampling to another dimension


Today, Reason Studios have released a new instrument, the Mimic Creative Sampler. The plugin will be included Reason 12 and is available now for Reason+ subscribers.



  • Four sample playback modes –Pitch, Slice, Multi Slot, & Multi Pitch
  • Automatic transient slice detection chops samples for you
  • Up to eight sample slots to load your own custom audio samples
  • Unique sound coloring effects and filters
  • Advanced audio time stretch
  • LFO and envelope modulation routing


Speaking about the instrument, Product Manager Mattias Häggström Gerdt said “Sampling is all about finding a cool chunk of sound and turning that raw material into a musical idea. We designed Mimic to make that process painless and intuitive. Reason is the best place to get musical ideas going and Mimic fits that promise like a glove.”


Mimic is a sampling powerhouse, offering four sampler modes that enable users to experiment with different sampling techniques: Pitch Mode, Slice Mode, Multi Slot Mode and Multi Pitch Mode. With automatic transient detection and sample slicing, Mimic will come in handy for chopping up vocals and slicing up breaks. Reportedly built for “immediate ideation”, Mimic makes it easier than ever to chop, flip, manipulate and play samples, transforming your sounds into something new.


Reason’s new instrument makes use of the beloved time stretch functionality found in their flagship DAW. This means Mimic can do everything from subtle tuning and length adjustments to far-out granular experimentations. The software also offers an onboard filter, LFO, and effects that let you give coloration and character to your sounds.


Mimic Creative Sampler is available now for Reason+ subscribers with early access to Reason 12. Reason 12, including Mimic Creative Sampler, will be available to purchase from 1 September.




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