Punk Labs’ Releases OneTrick Keys Piano Synth With 16-Voice Polyphony & More

Punk Labs’ OneTrick Keys is a lo-fi keys plugin based on a “vintage” physical modelling algorithm developed in the ’90s. With six onboard effects, this synth plugin has more than one trick up its sleeve.

Punk Labs has announced the release of OneTrick Keys, a piano synth with a crunchy, lo-fi sound.

The plugin is based on a physical modelling synth engine that makes use of an algorithm called Commuted Piano Synthesis developed at Stanford University in the ’90s.

Arriving with 25 preset sounds, OneTrick Keys offers 16-voice polyphony and its chilled-out tones can be run through six onboard effects, including reverb, flutter, bitcrushing, and saturation, alongside vinyl simulation and tape noise for an extra vintage feel.

The plugin is equipped with various controls for shaping the sound of the instrument’s physically modelled strings and body, which is then run through its effects section; the reverb offers controls for size, dampness, amount and a high-pass filter, while the media panel lets you dial in tape noise and adjust the speed, shape and amount of flutter.

The sampler panel gives you control over the bitcrusher’s sample rate and bit depth, along with high and low-pass filters. Finally, the sound passes through a mixer with adjustable gain levels, saturation and panning.


  • 25 factory presets
  • 16 voice polyphony
  • Simulated vinyl or tape noise
  • Flutter controls
  • Studio reverb and saturation
  • Lo-fi bitcrusher
  • Preset browser with tags and editing
  • Sustain and Sostenuto pedal support
  • Nondestructive modulation (CLAP only)
  • All parameters are automatable
  • No telemetry or analytics
  • No DRM
  • Open source to inspect, learn from, adapt, and improve

OneTrick Keys is priced at $79 and is available in CLAP, VST3 and AU formats for macOS, Windows and Linux. Find out more or listen to a sound demo on Punk Labs’ website.

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