NUSofting Sinmad Hybrid Virtual Analog and Physical Modeling Synthesizer

NUSofting has introduced Sinmad, a hybrid virtual analog + physical modeling synthesizer for Mac and Windows.


Sinmad is a VA synth, but, in addition to the the standard subtractive resonant filter, it uses a resonant delay network, creating sounds that the developer describes as ‘wild’ and ‘organic’.


  • Multiple oscillator, including standard waveforms and FM, sub oscillator, noise and the one-shot sample player with special functions called HIAT [harmonically integrated attack transient].
  • Main subtractive filter (VCF), plug a fixed HP pre-filter and bit depth reduction.
  • Polyphonic delay matrix , a highly configurable feedback delay network (FDN) featuring three delay lines per voice [E.G. your can have 9 modulated comb filters in a 3 notes chord].
  • Three envelope (2 x ADSR, 1 x AR) and two LFOs.
  • Custom equalizer : HP, Notch, LP , Hi boost :to shape the timbre before the effects sections.
  • Effects : # saturation limiter combo (‘sat lim’) to emulate amp high gain, # ‘echobis’ a double delay effect with sync to time and pitch functions, # reverb in two flavors.
  • MIDI controls : pitch-bend 24 st range, assignable modWheel (CC1), assignable aftertouch, assignable keytracking
  • Microtuning (per octave) editable on GUI.


Sinmad is available now for €81,50. Audio demos are available at the developer’s site.




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