Noise Engineering releases Plugin Bundle 2 – Manis Iteritas, Loquelic Vereor and Imitor

Noise Engineering has introduced Plugin Bundle 2, featuring 3 products, based on their Eurorack line of hardware modules:

  • Manis Iteritas, a saw-based shapeshifter synth that goes from gritty industrial to smooth and lovely in an instant.
  • Loquelic Vereor, a complex-oscillator synth with dual pitch control and three interpretations of classic synthesis algorithms.
  • Imitor, an experimental delay that does everything from comb filters and flanges, ping pongs, to intricately shaped echoes with up to 32 taps.

Preview each plugin below:

Manis Iteritas

Loquelic Vereor


Additionally, Noise Engineering announced that they have updated all the plugins in their Plugin Bundle 1 and the free Freequel bundle to include MPE support, tooltips, and more. The updates are available now and are free to current users.

Plugin Bundle 2 is available now for $119.00. The plugins are also available individually.

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