New Synth, BLEASS Omega, Makes FM Synthesis User-Friendly


BLEASS has introduced Omega, a new software synth for desktop and iOS.


Bleass Omega features 11 FM algorithms, each of which interconnects the four operators in a different way, and there are more than 160 presets. Modulation comes courtesy of two LFOs and a third ADSR envelope, there’s a dedicated motion sequencer, and you can dial in chorus, tremolo, delay and reverb effects.


Bleass claims that it’s Omega is “not just easier than other FM synths, it’s easy – period!” meaning, Omega can produce all the FM tones you’re familiar with – sparkly electric pianos, pads and bells, plus deep basses – but without the hassle. There are four operators, which are all editable on one screen, along with an analogue-style waveshaper and multimode filter.


Here’s what they say about it:


“All of the classic capabilities of FM Synthesis are available in BLEASS Omega – expressive electric pianos, deep thundering basses, crystal-clear pads, sparkling bells, and soulful leads. And thanks to the instrument’s analogue-style Waveshaper and multi-mode Filter, BLEASS Omega can inject powerful analogue-like flavour into those pure FM tones, giving searing filter sweeps, growling distortions, and harmonically-rich resonances.


The four FM operators that sit at the heart of BLEASS Omega are edited simultaneously from within a single screen, with all operator envelopes and controls available to the touch of your finger. This amazingly user-friendly approach makes light work of sound editing, and encourages experimentation and exploration in a way no other FM synth can achieve.


With eleven FM algorithms on offer, each providing a different way of interconnecting the four operators for radically different results, the sonic scope of BLEASS Omega is vast. The included library of over 200 professionally designed presets makes full use of this versatility, furnishing you with a varied and inspirational sound palette to use in your music making and sound design projects.”


BLEASS Omega fits in with your workflow and studio setup, no matter how you like to create. The iOS edition provides both standalone and AUv3 versions for use on iPad and iPhone, whilst the desktop edition for Windows and macOS comes as a VST3/AU plugin instrument, compatible with all major DAWs.


More information, tutorials and specifications on Bleass website.








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