Mille Drone Synthesizer by Giorgio Sancristoforo features 1000 Oscillators, 200 Filters and More

Does your computer have the juice to handle 1000 oscillators? Mille Drone Synthesizer features 1000 Oscillators, 200 filters and more, but may make your Mac weep.

Developer Giorgio Sancristoforo – creator of unique software synths like Bento, Berna and Gleetchlab – has introduced Mille, a standalone drone synthesizer for MacOS, featuring 1000 oscillators, 200 filters and 200 LFOs.

Thanks to its architecture, Mille can create dense and evolving drones that sound huge. Mille is designed for stereo or quadraphonic surround sound, meaning 500 or 250 oscillators per channel, creating what Sancristoforo describes as a ‘giant immersive wall of sound’.

You can use the sections to create different drones that you activate and deactivate with the trigs/gates, making it possible to create a performance that can evolve over time. You can think of the sections as part of one giant drone, or you can think of them as independent drones that you can turn on and off at will. Using very slow envelopes (up to 2 minutes) enables you create smooth transition from one drone to another.

Other features include an 8-track recorder. You can export single tracks, stereo or quadraphonic files, according to your requirements.

Mille is available now for €19.50. A free demo version is also available.

Giorgio Sancristoforo says “I STRONGLY suggest you try the software before buying it to see if your computer has the necessary processing power.” An M1 processor or greater is recommended.

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