Korg Gadget VR, a Virtual Reality Music Studio for Mega Quest headsets

Korg today introduced Gadget VR, a virtual reality application that they describe as ‘the DAW of the future’.

Korg Gadget VR promises ‘a future music production studio in VR space’. It’s based on KORG Gadget, a software virtual studio that’s been available for years on multiple platforms, including iOS, Mac and Nintendo Switch.

With Gadget VR, you can control music ‘gadgets’ that are arranged in 360°, as if they were surrounding you. To use it, you need is a compatible VR headset, which currently is limited to Meta Quest 2 / Pro.

Korg Gadget VR currently offers a scaled-down version of the original Gadget, with a selection of ‘gadgets’ redesigned for VR.

The company notes:

“We have carefully selected six gadget instruments from KORG Gadget. In order to make them more like physical instruments, the design used in the other versions has been expanded so that all of the knobs and sliders are displayed on the panels. The sophisticated parameter structure remains unchanged, allowing for the speedy creation of all kinds of sounds. You can enjoy not only immediate sounds, but also realistic visuals with attention to detail at the same time.”

The gadgets include:

  • London – a drum sound module Gadget designed specifically for dance music.
  • Miami – a Monophonic Wobble Synthesizer, designed for creating modern electronic bass sounds.
  • Kiev – a software synth that features vector synthesis, using four oscillators that generate organic, spacey sounds.
  • Chiang Mai – a polyphonic synthesizer Gadget that features VPM (Variable Phase Modulation) synthesis.
  • Kingston – this polyphonic synthesizer Gadget is optimized for 8-bit or “chip tune” sounds.
  • Warszawa – this synthesizer features a wavetable oscillator with a powerful filter and two modulation units,.

Korg Gadget VR Audio Demos:

Korg Gadget VR is available now for $29.99


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